A small selection of who we work for...
1 In Phase International Ltd
Based in Nottinghamshire, In Phase's pedigree has been created from pure enthusiasm for the development of new products and innovations within the mobile electronics industry. We work closely with them daily with product development, packaging, marketing, corporate literature, branding and licensing for retailing in giants such as Tesco, Sainbury's, Morrisons and Halfords.
2 Creative Kids
Founded in 1998, Creative Kids brands exploded onto the market initially producing children's craft items ranging from easels to crayons. Since then CK's offerings have expanded into 12 catagories with distribution in over 40 countries. We create new designs daily for all of their catagories including packaging, retail focussed marketing, corporate literature and everything inbetween.
3 Intelex Group UK Ltd

Founded over 20 years ago they have continued to create attractive and innovative products that relieve everyday aches and pains. With awards, innovation and attractive product design at the forefront of their business model it is easy to see that their retail design is as equally as important which is why they have like others seen the value in working with us regularly over the past 2 years.

4 Mr Singh's Sauce
Front humble beginnings in their garden shed and good old fashioned hard work Mr Singh's Sauce's have single handedly revolutionised the Asian sauce market worldwide. With over 10 different sauces available retailing in Morrisons, Sainbury's and Tesco's to name a few they are constantly striving to create and successfully market new products with regular help from ourselves.
Our clients